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The Three Cities Foundation (TCF) is an independent NGO, firmly based on Civil Society principles. It is committed to advocacy, education and training for marginalised groups and individuals residing in the Cottonera. Programmes are delivered via in-house services, outreach and referrals. TCF is also an action agency that offers free development resources to other creditable NGOs. Its long term goal is to eliminate the underlying causes of poverty and social exclusion in the Cottonera.

In the light of existing and future development projects in the area (e.g. Grand Harbour Regeneration Plan, No.1 Dock, Malta Film Institute and Smart City), the towns of Senglea, Cospicua, Vittoriosa and Kalkara are likely to continue reaping direct and ancillary benefits.

However, it is unsafe to assume that economic growth will ensure recovery for their many marginalised residents.


Mission Statement

Since its inception in May 2008, TCF has been taking a systematic approach to address issues that range from poverty and domestic violence to child neglect, substance abuse, untreated chronic illness, discrimination and social isolation. We assist and convene with local government, creditable national agencies and institutions to foster capable social partnerships.


The purpose:

     To deliver assistance to all members of the community who have been unable to integrate successfully, so they may assert their rights, achieving their potential and an improved quality of life.


The business:

     To provide support, training and education to beneficiaries via a needs-based, holistic approach, i.e. tailored to their individual needs, delivered by qualified professionals and screened, skilled volunteers.

     To implement effective development and fundraising plans for other reputable Voluntary Organisations, so they may deliver services more efficiently and with full accountability.


The values:

     Community leadership, stewardship and innovation.

     Social responsibility and competence.

     Fostering a widespread volunteer/mentor culture among socially secure members of the community, to encourage residents to help themselves and each other.


Summary of free services, first quarter 2011

     Provision of aid programmes (including counselling, healthcare, remedial teaching, training, 'Sheconomics' and life skills) to all residents.

     Delivery of in-house training programmes for screened volunteers (including Counsellors, Tutors, Mentors, and Befrienders).

     Formal Corporate Networking Strategy to generate job placements and full-time employment opportunities.

     Online support, funding resources and information via a dedicated website (launch of upgraded site scheduled for Wednesday 9th February 2011).

     Implementation of TCF Fundraising Master Calendar for the following goals: 1) Growth, 2) Involvement, 3) Visibility, 4) Efficiency, 5) Strength.

     Specialist training courses, fundraising reviews and Best Practice/Good Governance consultations for Non-Profit Organisations.

     Planned monitoring of beneficiaries' progress and auditing of programmes.


How do we use donations?

Since the Three Cities Foundation's inception, only 9% of our overall funding has been used for administrative costs. That means that 91% of your donation goes directly into caring for our beneficiaries. Charity Navigator (the leading global assessment site for NGOs) gives a mark of 10/10 to charities with overheads of 10% or less. Our donors can be sure that we use our resources efficiently and where they matter most.


Our active client files are currently as follows:

     307 individuals

     43 families

     5 schools


In addition, we currently give free support to 16 other creditable NGOs across Malta. We help ensure they are sustainable and effective, and create bespoke funding/development strategies with them.

Donations can be made by cheque and via bank transfer.

Donations via bank transfer:

Account name: Three Cities Foundation

Account No.: 40017254304

Branch Sort Code: 22655


Address: Bank of Valletta, Gavino Gulia Square, Cospicua BML 1802, Malta


Donations by cheque:
Beneficiary: Three Cities Foundation
Address: Head Office, 27 Santa Scolastica Street, Vittoriosa BRG 1444, Malta
Three Cities Foundation
Head Office, 27 Santa Scolastica Street, Vittoriosa BRG 1444, Malta

Tel.: (+356) 9919 5210


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