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1. The Three Cities Foundation was set up to support and provide a voice for marginalised persons or groups in the Cottonera region of Malta. It offers training, assistance and recovery programmes to all in need, without discrimination or bias. TCF involves and encourages other NGOs to operate to higher, Good Governance standards.

2. Privacy, justice and dignity for our clients are fundamental. Their trust is a key tool to the success of our programmes, therefore no peronal information will be divulged to parties outside their support team.

3. We do not have a partisan approach. We will recruit the best available candidates from all walks of life to share responsibilities and inform our policy-making process - be they volunteers, Board members, staff or consultants.

4. TCF is an action agency that employs research and analysis of issues. We convene and cooperate with creditable NGOs, agencies and institutions (local, national and EU-wide) to foster efficiency and capable social partnerships. Our consultations involve well-informed professionals who will assist us in implementing ideas and recommendations.

5. We will not let the prospect of hardship deter us from making our best effort to help our clients.

6. Projects will have specific 'brand' names (such as End2Debt or Safe Kids), rather than operating as generic TCF programmes, in addition to having degrees of devolved management. This will allow stakeholders to feel a sense of partnership and be able to share the credit when goals are achieved.